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Education and Courses

Education and Courses

Mental Health Implementation & Innovation Seminar

WeMind Psychiatry and ICHOM will be offering a ‘Mental Health Implementation and Innovation Seminar’, the first of its kind. With a mix of lectures, breakout sessions, expert’s implementation journeys and panel discussion, attendees will be able to learn in a fresh and integrated way about the implementation of the ‘Dementia’ and ‘Depression & Anxiety’ Standard Sets, as well as how to tie outcomes measurement into organizational strategy and benchmarking.

Date rescheduled (to be confirmed – 2018)

Erasmus Medical Centre’s Summer School Course

Erasmus Medical Centre will be offering a value-based health care course this summer, beginning 21 August. With 15 lectures structured in a case-based learning format, students will examine how health care organisations have followed value-based health care principles and implemented outcomes measurement to aid clinical practice and patient-led decision-making.