My Synergy is a health-tech consultancy dedicated to improving healthcare through digitalization.

We trust the potential of technology to dramatically improve patient well-being and enhance the work of medical professionals. Our vision is simple and clear - to digitalize, enhance & enable healthcare for all. Next, we boarded on a mission to analyze, optimize, and automate processes in healthcare with digital products & solutions. We strive to improve patient outcomes and the overall patient experience by empowering value-based healthcare initiatives.

We draw experience from decades of work in leading hospitals, where we spearheaded their digital transformation efforts. That, along with our shared experience in numerous other pharma and health management projects, enables us to deliver in-depth solutions to the many complex challenges facing the health industry.

We synergized the best in healthcare and technology into a state-of-the-art consultancy & health-tech expertise that also happens to be patient-centric.

MY Synergy is Microsoft Partner of the Year for Bulgaria for 2022 and a Microsoft Gold Partner under the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program. Our company is the first Microsoft partner onboarded to the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe. We are a Key partner for healthcare solutions and a consulting provider in the same region. Additionally, MY Synergy has been an active member and consulting partner of DHI Cluster Bulgaria since May 2019. We are also members of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. MY Synergy was selected and approved to participate in Future4Care's accelerator program, an ecosystem that accelerates the scaling of European eHealth startups based in Paris, France. Our office in Paris boosts our presence in the French market.

MY Synergy is ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018, and ISO/IEC 27001 certified by Lloyd's Register.

Learn more about our digital products here: https://mycare.eu/

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