ICHOM is a proud technical partner of OutcomeMD; an organisation which developed a revolutionary Outcome Management System!

OutcomeMD is an outcome tracking, management and marketing platform that empowers health professionals to embrace measurement based care to inform decisions, improve care and drive business.

Integrated with most major EMRs, OutcomeMD utilizes validated Patient Reported Outcome Measures to remotely quantify a patient’s symptoms in a manner that enhances both the patient and provider experience. The patient and clinician can now fully understand how symptoms change over time and improve their shared medical decision making process. Our fitness-tracker-like experience inspires patients to continue to remotely score and track their symptoms over time, and delivers a connected, personalized health journey that can be shared with their friends, family and community in a way that benefits clinicians, patients and the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Multiple value propositions related to better outcomes and improved economics allows OutcomeMD to achieve never before seen rates of provider and patient engagement, resulting in large sample sizes of unbiased data to inform best practices, population health, value based care, quality improvement, research and more.

ICHOM Implementation Partner Outcome MD