ICHOM's CEO and President, Dr Neil Bacon, talks to those who are shaping healthcare for the next generations.

From global leaders whose names, organisations and work are familiar to many, to the next generation of creators, mavericks and leaders, Neil chats to friends and colleagues across the world to better understand the forces and brilliant innovation that is shaping the future. This fascinating series of candid and varied discussions will be of importance and interest to all those whose work and passion is to transform healthcare: patients, clinicians, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs or ground-breaking innovators.

Healthcare Futures provides insights and ideas from the smartest and most brilliant individuals working in healthcare. The first series of conversations include Sir Muir Gray, Grégory Katz and Don Berwick.

The podcasts will be released fortnightly and are available for download from Spotify/iTunes.

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Would you like to be a guest in the next series?

If you think your work is changing the future of healthcare and you'd like to join Neil in the next series of Healthcare Futures please complete the form at the link below.