Grupo IAG Saúde

Since 1992, our dedication has been to transform the Brazilian healthcare system and improve people's lives through comprehensive management and technology solutions.

Our focus is on measuring and continuously enhancing the delivery of value in healthcare. Through the consolidation of our managerial methods and cutting-edge technology, we have achieved astounding results in both healthcare and the economy, positioning us as market leaders.

Our technology and methodology have positively impacted the lives of over 35 million Brazilians, which accounts for 1 in every 6 citizens. With 499 hospitals and 64 thousand hospital beds, along with 107 public and private healthcare providers utilizing our solutions, our reach is substantial.

We are committed to sharing knowledge, engaging people, and above all, empowering individuals, and institutions to deliver value to patients.

Examples of value based healthcare support/implementation:

Case Study

The Role of DRG Brasil Clinical Coding Process in Strengthening the Epidemiological Surveillance of Adverse Events Related to Hospital Care

Case Study

How the Institution Excelled in Coronary Angioplasty Care and Pediatric Surgical Assistance Through the Valor Saúde Brasil Platform

Risoleta Tolentino Neves Hospital Achieves Zero Obstetric Mortality Rate through DRG Brasil.