Implementation Partner Point B

Every month we have a focus on one of our Implementation Partners; this program was set up to support providers in establishing ICHOM Sets within daily clinical practice, and our network offers support in technical, change management, costing and resource planning.
We are thrilled to announce that the ICHOM Pediatric and Adult Epilepsy Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures has now been launched
We are pleased to share this insight report from WEF, which is a thematic exploration by the coalition into payment models as an enabler of value-based healthcare. The purpose is to take current perspectives using real experiences and case studies across healthcare stakeholders to provide guiding principles and concrete recommendations for implementing and deploying value-based
Recently Ben Cordle, ICHOM’s Chief Marketing Officer, spoke with the team at Antlerzz, a digital marketing agency with a particular focus on healthcare, about our mission, and some of the challenges we face in working with a diverse, global group of stakeholders – and why it’s so important to engage different people in different ways

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