The ICHOM Addiction (SUD) Working Group’s article detailing the development process of the SUD Set has now been published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. The article sheds light on the rigorous methodology and components of patient-centered research that were followed to develop a Set that emphasizes the importance of measuring outcomes that matter most
We are currently building our newest tool, the Implementation Directory. This innovative resource is designed to streamline your search for healthcare providers and institutions utilizing ICHOM Sets globally and to facilitate networking focused on value-based healthcare. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of an enhanced map on the ICHOM website, providing a clear visual representation
In our mission to enhance Value Based Healthcare, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading healthcare providers for ICHOM’s first Learning Collaborative. This global initiative unites providers and cutting-edge technologies to pioneer Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer care improvement initiatives. By creating a collaborative environment, we are facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices. This
We are excited to announce the publication of two new papers in the prestigious journal Epilepsia, focused on the development of a Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures for Epilepsy, related to pediatric patients and adult patients. These measures aim to improve care by prioritizing the outcomes that matter most to patients and their families. We
The ICHOM team are currently developing the Set of Patient-Centered Outcomes Measures for Trauma, prioritizing individuals with a history of traumatic injuries to bring forth ground-breaking improvements in how trauma outcomes are measured and evaluated, ultimately enhancing patient care globally. Under the leadership of Professor Belinda Gabbe from Monash University, this initiative aims to enhance

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