At the ICHOM conference in Rotterdam in May 2019 ICHOM and Humana partnered together to discuss “Healthy Days”. Healthy Days was developed in the 1990s by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. The population health tool measures the Unhealthy Days of individuals by asking them how many days their physical
From global leaders whose names, organisations and work are familiar to many, to the next generation of creators, mavericks and leaders, Neil chats to friends and colleagues across the world to better understand the forces and brilliant innovation that is shaping the future. This fascinating series of candid and varied discussions will be of importance
The ICHOM Working Group on Overall Adult Health is currently underway. We are currently seeking feedback on our initial recommendation. If you would be interested in providing your perspective, please complete one of the following surveys: For professionals in the field: http://bit.ly/OAHprof For adult patients:  http://bit.ly/OAHvalidation

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