Lead the change in healthcare. Become the number one choice for patients.

Healthcare systems which reward Providers who prioritise patient outcomes, rather than processes or non-outcomes based capitation models, will mean a healthier population, more efficient spend, and a more fulfilled workforce.

For that reason, Payer organisations must be at the heart of transforming healthcare. ICHOM has defined the measures that matter most to patients - but to get them into regular use in clinical settings requires a supportive reimbursement model.

Work with ICHOM to develop:

  • A network of high-performing healthcare providers, delivering improved patient care using ICHOM Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures - ultimately leading to patients choosing better care.
  • An understanding via ICHOM Learning Collaboratives of how care pathways can be improved, lowering costs and leading to better outcomes
  • Generation of evidence demonstrating improved reimbursement models