Healthcare Providers

Become a leading provider of Value-Based Healthcare

We provide various opportunities for healthcare providers to help you measure outcomes and define value:

  • Access to ICHOM’s Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures, to help you measure what matters most to your patients.
  • Support and guidance on how to measure outcomes in your organisation
  • Workshops on building organisational capacity so that you can move towards the practice of value-based healthcare
  • Share your progress in measuring outcomes and moving towards value-based healthcare at our conferences, workshops and case studies.
  • Be part of our Learning Collaboratives and understand how to improve patient care, move to alternative payment models, and stand out as a leader in Value-Based Healthcare

Access Sets

Learning Collaboratives

Implementation Support

Organizations using ICHOM Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures

Implementation Map

Please note this map is still in development and that the Implementation levels (Set 'fully implemented', 'partially implemented', 'implementation still in progress' and 'standard set downloaded but not yet implemented') are self-reported by healthcare providers implementing ICHOM Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures. We are still in the process of defining these different Implementation levels, which will soon be updated accordingly.

We hope that this tool will help healthcare providers implementing ICHOM Sets network with each other, exchange information, share good practices and create supportive hubs of value-based healthcare.

Contact Us: If you would like to contact any Implementing institution, please contact Paula Blancarte Jaber (p.blancartejaber@ichom.org).

As this tool is still in a developmental phase, please share your thoughts and how this map could be of more help to you and your organisation.


ICHOM SETS Interactive implementation map key graphic


If you would like to Filter by:

  • Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures
  • Organisation Name
  • PIN

Type the key word in the search bar. For Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures’ filter by the specific Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures, e.g., Breast Cancer for the Organisations Implementing the relevant pins will appear. To Filter by Pin Simple search the name of the pin.

ICHOM Accreditation

ICHOM Accreditation is designed to recognize you as a leader in value-based health care and help you smoothly implement ICHOM Sets including annual revisions.

ICHOM Accreditation supports better care; greater patient satisfaction; and global recognition that signals to payers; policy makers and regulators that you are a pioneer in delivering patient-centered, Value-Based Health Care.

Who is ICHOM Accreditation for:

  • Provider organizations investing in delivering high-quality value-based health care in their move away from traditional fee-for-service
  • Policy makers, payers and regulators who want to discover which providers are delivering best
  • Creators of patient management systems and software who can integrate ICHOM Sets into their products to enable clinicians to deliver better patient care
  • Employer self-insured plans, who want to assure their employees are receiving best-in-class care services