A healthier, happier population. A better model of care.

We all want to live in a society where people live to their full potential.

But health inequality, misaligned incentives, and a lack of transparency means we spend too much on healthcare, for often unacceptable results.

A better model is available; care which prioritises the outcomes that matter most to patients, and puts them at the center of treatment.

Contact Us today to find out how healthcare providers in your area are making the move to truly patient-centered care, and how you can lead the change.

Get involved in our mission to improve health outcomes:

  • Speaking and sponsor opportunities at our annual Conference - the largest and most influential of its kind anywhere in the world
  • Developing new Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures in diseases not yet covered
  • Enabling a Learning Collaborative, to bring together providers using specific ICHOM Sets, to create best practice in treating particular diseases. This also establishes networks of providers and patient populations which can lead to further opportunities in research and development.