ICHOM Learning Collaboratives

Measure What Matters Most, and Drive Improvement through Comparison and Collaboration.

ICHOM Learning Collaboratives are networks of Collaborating Partners with a specific objective to assess, learn, innovate and improve clinical practice.

They’re based on ICHOM’s Sets of Patient-Centred Outcomes Measures, and powered by our Accelerated Insights Solution - a partnership of data collection and federated learning technology which makes comparing ICHOM Set outcomes fast and secure.

ICHOM Learning Collaboratives enable:

  • Ensuring that the treatment serves the best interests of the patients
  • Comparing clinical practices, enabling informed choice of provider
  • Improving practices based on evidence, allowing informed choice of treatment protocol
  • Asthma/COPD
  • Understanding real disparities in health equity
  • Transitioning away from fee-for service model

“It’s not only important to collect outcomes data – they have to be based on standardized criteria, so you can compare these results wherever they occur.”

Hartwig Huland, Founder, Martini Klinik

How ICHOM Learning Collaboratives benefit your organization:


Learning collaboratives are one of the best ways to support innovation in healthcare and protect product differentiation.

Generate real-world clinical evidence for fundamental and applied medical research, via observations and hypotheses, and test them via RRcT’s.

Learning networks also provide opportunities to test new products or protocols of their use, generate observations that can help to identify exact needs of clinicians to guide product development


Identify objectively which providers are delivering the best care for patients - reward the best, and drive improved standards from others.

Support informed decision making among your customers (patients)- people are more likely to require your services if their treatment takes place at providers using ICHOM Sets.

Become known for improving Population health.

Healthcare Providers & Hospitals

Position your organisation as a leader in patient care - demonstrating delivery and continuous improvement in the outcomes that matter most to patients. Foundation for improved, QoL based reimbursement. Attract better staff.

Access results quickly and securely with a “plug and play” solution.

Patient Representative Groups

Demonstrate - to members, supporters and care providers -  that a model which puts patient wellbeing at the heart of care has better outcomes.

Other Convening Organisations

The ICHOM Accelerated Insights solution allows you to quickly and easily compare like-for-like outcomes, without data leaving a provider site.