Make sure your provider is doing what’s best for you

ICHOM is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to transforming healthcare by focusing on what truly matters to you, the patient.

Our aim is to amplify your voice by taking into account your experience and insights to improve patient outcomes and therefore shaping the future of healthcare and health systems. This year we have created two programs to empower patients:

The Patient Charter

The ICHOM Patient Charter, provides a framework to further strengthen partnerships with patients and patient communities built on equity, trust, and respect. The ICHOM Patient Charter outlines our commitments to the patient community, and comprises eight statements relating to the empowerment actions and ways of working that patients can expect when collaborating with ICHOM.

The Patient Partner Alliance

ICHOM is working in partnership with patient organizations as part of a joint-promotion campaign to ensure that patients are treated as equals and play an active role in their care through shared-decision making. We want to ensure that patient input is actively sought and the importance of patient needs are recognized and valued.

This partnership will encourage organizations with aligned missions to ICHOM, to promote the use of ICHOM Sets and the importance of patient outcomes to their networks.

If you are a patient organization and would like to join us to improve patient care, please contact

Who we work with

To view patient perspectives on ICHOM, click on the video below