In recent years, Brazil’s healthcare landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, marked by a profound embrace of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) principles. This shift has been redefining the traditional healthcare paradigm, placing a heightened emphasis on outcomes, efficiency, and patient-centric care. As this movement gains momentum, it’s crucial to recognize that they’re at the dawn of
ICHOM value-based healthcare for patient-centred outcomes
We are pleased to announce that through an extensive consensus-driven process the ICHOM Breast Cancer Primary Subset has been defined. This subset responds to feedback from users and implementers of the ICHOM set and specifies essential, starting point measures within the full Breast cancer set. The primary subset will enable users to begin implementation more readily, with the goal
The American Heart Association (AHA) is conducting research to understand and convey the benefits of person-centered, quality-focused care (value-based care) for different patient populations to audiences that are not familiar with efforts to help transform our health care system. Recruitment is currently underway to identify medically complex patients or their family caregivers/support persons, and members of health care
AHSA/Insight is excited to announce a new partnership with the Voice of the Patient and ICHOM. The Voice of the Patient is a data-driven healthcare platform that places the patient perspective at the centre of the healthcare market. ICHOM (The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) is a pioneer and foundational organisation that advocates for
Together with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria and 9 participating clinics, ICHOM partner The Clinician have implemented their digital platform in a value-based care pilot aimed at helping physiotherapists better understand their client’s unique health risks and provide new pathways of care that improve outcomes. To learn more about TAC’s Enhanced Recovery Program and how

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