ICHOM value-based healthcare for patient-centred outcomes
We’re excited to announce one of ICHOM’s new initiatives, as we lay the groundwork for a Cardiovascular Disease Learning Collaborative, which aims to standardize the measure of outcomes related to diseases that affect the cardiometabolic health of patients. We have chosen initially to focus on Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes, as these are two of
Journal of Patient Experience Board Announcement
We are pleased to continue our collaboration with the Journal of Patient Experience, as our President Jennifer Bright has been appointed to the JPX Editorial Review Board. The Journal of Patient Experience (JPX) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which focuses on presenting advances and applications that impact the patient experience. While many relevant definitions endure,
Newsweek, Statista, ICHOM announcement - World's Best Hospital Ranking
Yesterday, Newsweek and Statista announced the new World’s Best Hospitals ranking. ICHOM Sets have been a factor in determining the leading hospitals around the world since 2023, especially question 2.2 of Statista’s PROMs implementation survey about validated condition-specific instruments. This demonstrates that now, more than ever, it is crucial for providers, payers, industry, policy makers and others

Obesity Set in its Final Stages

The ICHOM Set of Patient-Centered Outcomes Measure for Adult Obesity is nearing its final stages of development. The next working group virtual meeting will take place on February 28th 2024, where working group members will discuss and build consensus on recommended case-mix variables and time collection time points, which will ensure that data collected using the
We are pleased to announce that ICHOM will be starting the development of a Set of Patient-Centered Outcomes Measures for Trauma. This endeavour seeks to bring forth groundbreaking improvements in how trauma outcomes are measured and evaluated, ultimately enhancing patient care globally. Recruitment for the working group Chair and members is currently underway with the first working group

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