Statista R is the world leader in the creation of rankings and ratings, creating transparency in markets across the globe. Statista R’s recognition of PROMs implementation in hospital rankings and ratings is leading the transformation towards value-based care.

With a team of over 100 expert analysts and in cooperation with more than 40 high profile media brands worldwide, Statista R creates transparency for patients, consumers and business decision makers, and helps companies, hospitals and other stakeholders build trust and recognition across a plethora of industries and product categories. Statista R is a division of Statista, the world’s leading data and business intelligence platform.

To account for the increasing importance of value-based care in healthcare systems worldwide, Statista R is surveying hospitals annually regarding their Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) implementation status via the Statista PROMs implementation survey.

The survey is designed to measure the implementation and use of PROMs across different specialties and departments in hospitals. The implementation of PROMs adds a patient-outcome focused dimension and improves the comprehensiveness of Statista rankings and ratings.

In a significant step towards advancing value-based care, Statista R has partnered with ICHOM to prioritize the measurement of patient reported outcomes and drive enhancements in the delivery of value-based care through the Statista PROMs implementation survey.

As part of this initiative, Statista will incorporate ICHOM as a knowledge partner in the methodology of its global hospital rankings and ratings, including the highly regarded "World's Best Hospitals", "World's Best Specialized Hospitals" and the “Global Hospital Rating” published together with Newsweek. This integration will ensure that the rankings reflect a comprehensive understanding of patient-centered outcomes and portray the global drive towards the implementation of PROMs in hospitals.

This partnership promises to promote a more transparent and patient-centric healthcare landscape, benefiting both patients and providers.

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