Accreditation FAQs

ICHOM Accreditation is designed to recognize you as a leader in value-based health care and help you smoothly implement ICHOM Sets including annual revisions. The package includes three elements: ICHOM Sets, ICHOM Certification and the ICHOM Implementation Training and Toolkit.

Yes, you can purchase the IT-Ready Sets seperately from the ICHOM Accreditation package.

The Single Set is designed for a healthcare system to implement one Set across one site. The Groups of Sets contain four or more ICHOM Sets focussing on one particular disease burden ie. Oncology.

If you are implementing ICHOM Sets at multiple sites, you will need to purchase an Accreditation Package for each site.

Once you are ready to become ICHOM Certified, we will send you a questionnaire. Four weeks after you have submitted the questionnaire to us, the ICHOM team will send you your custom feedback report including recommendations for your organization and whether or not you are certified.

After you have received your custom feedback, you have the option to make changes to your organization and reapply for ICHOM Certification.

Your ICHOM Accreditation Package lasts for three years. This includes your access to the Visual Term Bank to receive updates on your Set(s), your login to the ICHOM Implementation Training Videos and your ICHOM Certification. You will not have to re-apply for this for three years from purchase.

No, ICHOM is making a recommendation around what you should collect in terms of Patient Reported Outcome Measures. If we can see you are collecting enough of them then you can become ICHOM Certified.

No, as long as you are implementing or partially implementing (see above) ICHOM Sets then you can become ICHOM Certified.

Yes, you can apply for Certification by purchasing the ICHOM Accreditation package. You would receive updates on your Set plus use our training and toolkit to help with any current implementation programs.

Are you currently implementing ICHOM Sets?

If you have been collecting data for at least 12 months you are eligible to apply for ICHOM Certification when you purchase the Accreditation Package.

Collecting outcomes for less than 6 months?

Continue your great work and begin preparing your application for Certification when you have 12 months of data. The Accreditation Package will give you access to training modules to support you in collecting outcomes.

We have not begun implementing ICHOM Sets/We are new to data collection.

The Accreditation Package will support you to mobilize your team and begin collecting outcomes so that you can apply for ICHOM Certification in 12 months’ time. You can access training modules providing you with best practice methods and case studies to increase your understanding. In addition, you will have a virtual call with the ICHOM Outcomes Research team so that we can understand your needs and support your objectives.

1. Organization characteristics

  • Contact information for your organization
  • Information on infrastructure and resources of hospital/healthcare setting, e.g., number of sites, number of clinical staff employees, etc.
  • Clinical focus and practices, e.g., diseases treated

2. Outcomes currently measured

Information on:

  • Types and uses of outcome measured by organization
  • ICHOM Sets being implemented
  • The volume of patients and services provided
  • Completeness of outcome measurement
  • Information on ICHOM Sets being implemented
  • Access to materials of said Sets
  • Records of implementation – including which proms and croms are collected in your organization
  • Access to protocols for Set implementation

3. Informatics capacity

Information on:

  • Data collection software
  • Health Informatics and Analytics team, e.g., number of employees, tasks undertaken by them, and level of expertise of software used

4. Data analysis and use

Information on:

  • What patient data is made available to clinicians and to patients
  • Practical use of measuring patient-reported outcomes for organization
  • Participation in benchmarking initiatives
  • Access to protocols for analyzing outcomes data (including pros data)