Training and Implementation Toolkit

A suite of online pre-recorded video-based modules that cover the principles of value-based care to get you started on your implementation journey.

The toolkit develops knowledge and skills for health care professionals interested in implementing ICHOM Sets and measuring outcomes that matter to patients.

How you benefit

  • Improve your value-based health care (VHBC) knowledge
  • Gain awareness on key considerations to enable successful implementation
  • Aid your implementation journey to identify challenges and form solutions before they happen
  • Save you time as you can access all the information in one place

There are 4 different modules (each approximately 1 hour long)

1. Introduction to VBHC

What is value-based health care? Why will it transform health care and add value to my organisation?

2. Leading change: Where to start with VBHC implementation

What are the phases of implementation and how to plan for them? What are the challenges and pitfalls to avoid?

3. Involving patients and implementing PROMS in clinical practice

What are PROMs? What are considerations to be made including capturing licensing, translations?

4. Value-based payment systems

What are the various reimbursement models and which are aligned with VBHC? How do you assess costs employing TDABC methodology?