Autism Spectrum Disorder webinar

3 Plenary Sessions + 3 breakout groups with Q&A
Total time: 120 minutes

Webinar Format: Attendees will not be able to unmute or use their webcam

Welcome by Jamie Heywood, ICHOM Board Member

Session 1:
Introduction to ICHOM

Andria Joseph (ICHOM Project Leader)
Zofia Das-Gupta (ICHOM Director)

Topics covered:

  • What is Value­-Based Healthcare?
  • What is ICHOM?
  • ICHOM’s Mission
  • ICHOM Methodology & ASD set methodology

Session 2:
ASD Standard Set

Dr Ivy Chong (ICHOM ASD Chair / Senior Vice President, Children’s Services Home, School, & Center Based Programs)
Dr Tim Kutta (ICHOM ASD Research Fellow)

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the current status of the ASD space
  • Introduction to the ASD Set
  • Presentation of the set – outcomes, tools, case mix and definitions

Session 3:
Implementation of the ASD set

Dennis May (CEO Hopebridge)
Hanna Rue (CCO LEARN)

Topics covered:

  • Implementation
  • Next steps

At the end of webinar attendees will be directed to a zoom link where the breakout sessions will begin. This link will be in the chat function and also in the original invite.

Transition period: ICHOM will welcome the group in the Zoom link and explain the next steps, including how attendees can choose the groups.

Breakout Groups (three groups)

  • Three groups: ICHOM, ASD Project Team, ASD Sponsors
  • One chair per group to moderate the discussion
  • Each group will have a list of questions to ask, this will be provided by ICHOM
  • Attendees can choose which group they want to go to

Wrap-up: Attendees will be brought back to the main Zoom session for the Summary Discussion.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Standard Set Webinar

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