Since 2013 brightfish has been helping more than 150 healthcare providers (across individual, regional, national and multi-national settings) in 7 countries, to improve their inpatient and outpatient data capture.

The Brightfish product suite is aimed at optimising the digital patient journey, supporting patients and healthcare professionals alike in their daily activities such as patient education, PRO and CRO data collection, timed reminders, system integrations, informative feedback on outcomes, remote follow-up and so much more. Our apps and systems help digitise, mobilise, and integrate every activity in the healthcare organisation, making it more pleasant and data drive at the same time. We help ensure maximum data collection compliance while also enhancing the digital journey for every party involved.

Our mission is to solve a pressing challenge: How can we enhance patient experiences and healthcare professional efficiency, while collecting outcome data and without discouraging patients, healthcare professional and IT-staff in the process?

Our applications help you overcome these challenges with mobile, user-friendly and well-integrated solutions for patients and professionals - our Bright Tech. This will enable you to focus on what’s most important; using outcomes to ensure Better Care.

Our teams provide you with services and configurations to meet your requirements with the confidence and experience of >400 colleagues in 10 countries that have been active in healthcare for over 10 years. Our tooling is designed in line with the highest privacy standards (GDPR and secure on-prem single-tenant applications), state of the art security measures (ISO27001 and HIPAA) and quality management requirements (ISO9001, MDD/MDR).

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More info on our product suite

Two patient facing products – CarePath and Bedside – accompany the patient during the entire journey; home-to-bed and back. Starting at home with the CarePath app that will collect remote intakes, set baseline PROM measurements, provide relevant information and education, integrate with wearables and send relevant notifications before admission.

While in the hospital, our Bedside application is the core of our BeagleBoxx solution, encompassing a fully managed iPad environment, with special wall-mounts, integrations into building management systems and a stockpile of relevant patient eduction, entertainment and questionnaire tools. After being discharged, the patient picks up the CarePath app once again to track follow-up questionnaires, report on recovery and meet with the physician via video-call if needed. As such, providing a full-range eHealth solution.

Two professional facing products – Touch and Insight – sit on the other end of the product suite spectrum. Insight provides a superior and flexible dashboard tool to review data as it is collected, supporting both the process of collection efforts as well as the reviewing of results as the patient walks into the treatment room. Touch is aimed at reviewing and entering data where it does not yet exist in other EMR systems, allowing mobile access on an iPad to enter data while the physician does his rounds or other errands in the hospital. It also helps in outfitting iPads with a secure patient questionnaire module that supports data collection in waiting room areas or in ward beds where needed.

All our solutions are modular and can be set-up in an integrated or stand-alone setup, depending on your requirements. As every healthcare organisation has different workflows, we work with your teams to configure the solution provided in such a way as to ensure maximum digital patient journey optimisation and the least possible interruption of healthcare professional workflows.