Glossary of ICHOM products and services

Current TermsSuggested TermsNotes and Definitions
ICHOMICHOMInternational Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement
Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome MeasuresIn shortened form = “Sets” or “ICHOM Sets”. Not “Standard Sets”
“Complete Set”ICHOM Sets with all measures included as per original Working Group recommendations
“Pragmatic subset”For a given condition, a subset of the Full ICHOM Set measures that is deemed “essential must have” that must be collected in order to be considered ICHOM set implementation. It is a starting point, with the view that over time full ICHOM set (aspirational implementation) will be achieved.
Common coreDisease agnostic core setOutcome measures which appear in ALL ICHOM Sets, regardless of the given condition or disease. The outcome measures include those that are clinician reported (e.g. 1-year survival) and those that are patient reported (e.g. EQ-5D). The common core is included in all disease-specific core measures.
Reference GuideOur most detailed guiding document that facilitates the process of implementing the Set, by providing details on: the eligible patient population for the Set, the outcome measures (and their definitions) and case mix variables to be collected, the collection time points. It also provides resources such as contact information of measure developers, primers on a phased implementation approach, and the names and affiliations of the working group members involved in the development of the Set. PDF-document.
Data DictionaryExcel File listing all of the respective data elements (including patient-reported outcome measures, clinical reported outcome measures, and case-mix variables) relevant to each Set
FlyerSingle page visual overview of the outcomes and corresponding measures (instruments) included in each Set
Working GroupsGroup of international experts in a particular disease area who come together and through a series of virtual meetings, evidence based discussions and consensus process) recommend the group of outcomes and corresponding measures that make up the Set. Working group members include researchers, clinicians and patient representatives.
ICHOM Learning Collaborative“ICHOM Learning Collaborative powered by the ICHOM Accelerated Insights Solution”Collaborative, multi-organisation initiative that enables ICHOM Set users to measure successfully, learn and improve faster, and gain value from implementing the Sets. ICHOM enables this by providing the technical platform to connect participants and enable distributed analysis, training, an operational framework for networked implementation and learning, guidance on analytic approaches, a collaborative wide platform for shared learning and facilitating. Includes multiple stakeholder types.
ICHOM Accelerated Insights SolutionSpecific technical solution comprising ICHOM Sets, Federated Learning via Rhino Platform, and Data Collection and Visualisation via The Clinician
ICHOM Accreditation
Level 1 / 2 / 3 etc.
“XYZ is an ICHOM-Accredited Provider”

“XYZ is a level-3 ICHOM Accredited Provider”
Visual Term BankDigital Outcomes Term BankOur internal and partner facing tool that stores and manages our harmonized terms and measures in digital form, downloadable in various formats, compliant with leading Health informatics standards such as ICD-10; Snomed, LOINC and HL7-FHIR
Harmonized TermsThe individual terms that make up the full ICHOM Set, that are harmonized across sets and hold their own unique identification code (called the “concept id” at the database level)
ICHOM Conference“Conference” / “Conference 2023”Not “Congress”
CPAC (Conference Panel Advisory Committee)
Partner ProgramAccredited ICHOM Partner
Implementation Partner
Technical Partner
“XYZ is an ICHOM Partner”
ICHOM ConnectCommunity site within where ICHOM Set elements are hosted. Membership is free and those who registered have free access to our set materials
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