ICHOM Conversations

Unleashing the power of patient-centric outcomes

ICHOM Conversations is a monthly podcast to provide the ICHOM Community with the knowledge and power to deliver high value patient outcomes. The podcast series is part of our 2021 Virtual Learning Series.

The series will cover three themes to help drive better healthcare delivery:

Theme 1: Organising and Implementing

How and where to start the transformation to outcomes based care

Theme 2: Outcomes Measurement

Using data to co-produce care pathways for patients that result in high-value outcomes

Theme 3: Benchmarking Outcomes

Building a continuous learning system that enables you to scale the care model across the local care system

ICHOM Conversations is launching soon and will be FREE to download through iTunes and Spotify. For any questions regarding our podcast series or if you would like to be featured in podcast, please contact s.gray@ICHOM.org