Find out who we work with and the benefits of partnering with ICHOM

ICHOM Partnership Programme

Why Partner with ICHOM?

Put your brand in front of the largest audience of value‐based healthcare professionals. Our marketing campaigns can help you promote your organisation and ultimately increase your organisation's brand awareness
Connect with clinicians and patients through our Partnership Programme and Virtual Learning Series to help drive better outcomes for all globally
Align yourself with ICHOM values and mission to demonstrate to senior healthcare professionals that you are leading the way in redefining value in healthcare on a global scale

This year we have created a package to offer you the opportunity to join our highly successful Implementation Partner Programme plus receive all the benefits sponsoring our world leading Virtual Learning Series. You will be able to provide high quality implementation and support for ICHOM standard sets and help drive better healthcare for all.

Membership to this programme is by invite only and this is your opportunity to:

  • Use the "ICHOM Certified Partner" logo to promote your organisation in your online and offline marketing campaigns
  • Connect with providers seeking support with implementation and use of ICHOM Standard Sets
  • Receive a tailored 12‐month marketing campaign incorporating email, social media and promotion in our monthly newsletter which provides an excellent opportunity for improving brand awareness
  • Get 3 complimentary tickets to our Virtual Learning Series. You will also be entitled to a special rate for your clients and colleagues (30% discount for up to 10 registrants)
  • Co‐chair a networking session during the November Congress (allocated on first‐ come, first served basis)
  • Promote your organisation to ICHOM's Virtual Learning Series audience through a 5‐minute advert (designed by you) at our November Congress
  • Use ICHOM's machine‐readable standard sets for internal (non‐customer facing) development

For more information on the Virtual Learning Series, visit conference.ichom.org

To find out more about partnerships, simply fill in the form below or email partnerships@ichom.org