Stefan Larsson

Chairman and Cofounder of ICHOM

Stefan Larsson, MD, PhD, is an independent advisor in health care and life sciences, and a senior advisor to Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  Previously, he worked for 24 years at BCG where he was the founder and first global leader of the firm’s health care payers and providers sector and its health care systems sector.  He is also a Distinguished Fellow in the World Economic Forum’s Health and Healthcare team. Stefan is co-author of the book The Patient Priority, launched at the ICHOM 10th anniversary in Boston in October 2022, addressing the growing crises confronting the global health care sector and why we must put the patient and the delivery of outcomes that matter to patients at the forefront. He is an Associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute, from where he has MD and PhD.  Stefan also trained at Harvard Medical School, MRC-Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh and EMBL Heidelberg.