The Clinician

The Clinician is a digital health company with years of experience implementing patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs/PREMs) in real-world clinical settings.

With their global teams, The Clinician has been helping customers to understand the ins and outs of successful PROMs/PREMs implementations, from instrument selection, data visualisation and actionable insights, all the way through to targeted change management.

Their flagship product is the cloud-based health outcomes platform, ZEDOC, which integrates with health information systems to enable the collection and real-time analysis of outcomes data from patients, their families and providers, both in and out of clinical settings. ZEDOC has recently been selected by two of the world's leading healthcare systems to manage PROMs across their entire public sector. These include Singapore, who is leading the way in Value-based Healthcare, and Israel's Clalit Health Services, a pioneer in the integrated care space.

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