Voice of the Patient

The Voice of the Patient is an international leader in value-based measurement and funding, placing the patient's perspective at the centre of healthcare.

At the Voice of the Patient, we are pioneering a new era in healthcare where the patient's Voice is not just heard but central to the evaluation, allocation, and funding of care. By harnessing advanced AI techniques and bespoke analytics, the VoP captures and quantifies the nuances of patient experiences, translating them into meaningful metrics that drive improvement and innovation in care delivery.

Our mission is to place what matters most to patients at the heart of the healthcare landscape. With a foundation rooted in nearly 20 years of value-based reimbursement and healthcare contracting experience, we have developed a unique approach that articulates the value of healthcare services through an objective, measurable framework.

The Voice of the Patient collects detailed patient-reported data and analyses it in concert with a wide range of other data (including cost, clinical, treatment, demographic and risk data) to provide an unbiased and holistic perspective on the value and efficiency of care. This enables the development of bespoke measures and critical parameters that can be used for funding and reimbursement modelling, as well as ongoing learning and improvement.

As a knowledge partner of ICHOM, the Voice of the Patient leverages specialised actuarial and value-based funding experience to support the application of global datasets, contributing to the international value-based care dialogue.

Join us in this journey to amplify patient voices and redefine healthcare value and funding through our cutting-edge platform.

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