The ICHOM Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures for Pregnancy And Childbirth is the result of hard work by a group of leading physicians, measurement experts and patients. It is our recommendation of the outcomes that matter most to persons experiencing Pregnancy And Childbirth. We urge all providers around the world to start measuring these outcomes to better understand how to improve the lives of their patients.

  1. Tracked via the PROMIS-10
  2. Evaluated with the PHQ-2, optional follow-up with the EPDS
  3. Option to track via the BSES-SF
  4. Tracked via the ICIQ-SF and Wexner, Wexner and the PROMIS SFFAC102
  5. Tracked via the MIBs
  6. Tracked via the BSS-R
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All of the basic information you need to implement ICHOM Sets is available in the links above. However, for a faster, more easily integrated process, we offer digitised versions of the Set measures. These are designed for immediate upload to existing EMR systems. This is available as part of our Accreditation package, which recognises your work in putting patient outcomes at the heart of treatment.

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Team that developed this set

Tessa Kowaliw* | South Australian Reform Association Inc.
Rod Petersen | Women’s and Babies’ Division, WCHN

Anna Marie Speciale | American College of Nurse Midwives

Stefan Gebhardt | Tygerberg Hospital

Mathew Coleman | University Hospital Southampton, NHS
James Duffy | Crown Initiative

Isis Amer-Wahlin | Sveus, Stockhom County Council, Karolinska Institute

J Ravichandran R Jeganathan | National Obstetric Registry
Shamala Devi Karalasingam | National Obstetric Registry

Gouke Bonsel | Erasmus Medical Center
Arie Franx | Utrecht Medical Center
Floris Groendendaal | Utrecht Medical Center
Irwin Reiss | Erasmus Medical Center
Marije de Ruiter | Utrecht Medical Center

Allyson Brooks | Hoag Memorial Hospital
Tracy Flanagan | Kaiser Permanente
Meredith Greene | Massachusetts General Hospital
Elliott Main | Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation, CMQCC
Marlin Mills | Hoag Memorial Hospital
Malini Nijagal | Boston Medical Center
Michelle Owens | University of Mississippi Medical Center, ACOG
Carol Sakala | National Partnership for Women & Familiess
Rachel Thompson | The Dartmouth, Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

*Patient representative

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