December 2015: Implementation Update | ICHOM – International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement

December 2015: Implementation Update

December 2015: Implementation Update

Momentum continues to build around the world with institutions and registries measuring ICHOM Standard Sets. A few recent additions to the network include Fortis Healthcare, Ramsay Healthcare, and Mayo Clinic. Fortis Healthcare, operator of 54 health care facilities in India, Dubai, Mauritius, and Sri Lanka, has started measuring the Coronary Artery Disease Standard Set; Ramsay Healthcare, one of the top five private hospital operators in the world, has begun implementation of three Standard Sets across a number of their network hospitals in Australia and France, with plans to expand its effort to the UK in 2016 with a fourth condition; and Mayo Clinic, a worldwide leader in patient-centered care, has begun implementing the Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Depression and Anxiety, and Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Standard Sets. We at ICHOM have likewise been busy supporting implementation projects across the US, UK, France, and Australia. And, with over a hundred more institutions expressing interest in measuring our outcome sets, this appears to be only the beginning.


Our Certified Suppliers and their innovative IT solutions have been critical in catalyzing this quarter’s implementation progress, as evidenced by a flurry of new partnerships. These include Fortis Healthcare and VitalHealth Software (which has offices in Mumbai), Ramsay Healthcare and Pulse Infoframe, and Mayo Clinic and InputHealth. The diversity of our nine Certified Suppliers has proven to be one of the program’s greatest strengths, allowing every institution to choose the solution that best fits into its existing IT infrastructure and workflow. The next round of certifications will begin next month and will continue to identify best-in-class IT solutions tailored to meet our partners’ measuring and reporting needs.


Earlier this year, we launched our Implementation Communities—an ICHOM support model that invites groups of value-oriented institutions to move through the implementation process collaboratively. Our pilot Community for Cleft Lip and Palate boasts 10 hospital participants from eight countries around the world. Two of the Community’s front runners, Boston Children’s Hospital and Erasmus MC, have begun data collection and are sharing key knowledge and best practices with the other Community participants. These other sites have made great strides themselves, laying the groundwork for measurement by translating PROMs and securing research grants and/or institutional funding for the project. Following our pilot Community’s success, we launched a Cataracts Community in June. This Community, which is being co-led by NHS Elect, comprises five hospitals within England’s National Health Service (NHS).


As part of our ongoing mission to promote outcomes measurement and share best practices publicly, we have migrated much of the content from our subscriber-only Implementation Network to a new file library located on This content is now freely available to all registered users. In the coming weeks, we will be adding our newest case study to the library—so please stay tuned! The file library is also home to previously published case studies highlighting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Collaborative Quality Initiatives and Stanford Hospital’s Neurological Spine Clinic. We encourage you to make an account on to access these cases and more.


In the coming months, we hope to enhance our website to better highlight our measuring partners’ activities and facilitate connections between institutions around the world. If you are measuring an ICHOM Standard Set and would like to be featured on our website as a measuring partner, please get in touch! Keeping track of who is measuring our Standard Sets remains a high priority. To stay up to date with all of ICHOM’s implementation happenings, please be sure to check our blog regularly, as well.