The GLOBE program will gather health care outcomes data from provider organizations around the world that are measuring according to ICHOM’s Standard Sets.

“ICHOM was founded in 2012 with the ambition to focus providers on the condition-specific results of care that matter most to patients,” said Caleb Stowell, Vice President of Research and Development. “The most important results, or outcomes, are determined by ICHOM Working Groups and codified in the Standard Sets, of which there are now thirteen.”

“Every clinic and hospital that measures the Standard Sets has an opportunity to learn from its results and improve the care it’s delivering,” said Andre Dias, Vice President of Implementation. “By bringing data from multiple sites together, we expand that opportunity tremendously.”

In order to set up and launch this pilot, ICHOM has partnered with ICON, a global provider of outsourced development services to the biopharma and medical device industries. ICON will draw on its 25 years of technical and clinical expertise in patient reported outcomes, electronic data capture, data management and analytics to lead data management and reporting for the program.

“We are proud to bring our clinical and technical expertise in health outcomes and real-world data to help ICHOM to launch the first global health outcomes benchmarking program. Bringing consistency and transparency to the measurement and reporting of health outcomes has the potential to improve the patient experience and outcomes of care and reduce healthcare costs,” said Dr. Steve Cutler, Chief Operating Officer, ICON plc.