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Five IT Solution-providers Achieve ICHOM Certified Supplier Status

Five IT Solution-providers Achieve ICHOM Certified Supplier Status


The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to unlocking the power of value-based health care, today announced the first five IT solution-providers to achieve ICHOM Certified Supplier status. They are InputHealthMy Clinical Outcomes, PhDx Systems, POMT, VitalHealth Software, and VisionTree Software.


The Certified Suppliers are integrating the ICHOM Standard Sets into their software platforms to facilitate implementation of the Sets around the world.certified-supplier1-300x63


“The technology that our Certified Suppliers offer is critical for systematically and routinely collecting meaningful information from patients about their recovery and the progression of their conditions,” said Jean Stoefs, ICHOM’s Vice President of Implementation. “We are fortunate that these organizations not only offer the tools that are needed to streamline data-capture, but also that they share our vision and passion for measuring what matters most to patients.”


Each of the Certified Suppliers underwent a thorough assessment to ensure that the company and its software met specific requirements defined and agreed upon by a Working Group of international experts that ICHOM convened earlier this year. At the provider level, these requirements include characteristics such as business continuity and system maintenance. At the product level, characteristics such as privacy, security, and flexibility were considered.


“Collecting ICHOM Standard Sets requires long-term commitment from health care providers and involves routine collection of patient-generated data, including personal health information,” explained Jacob Lippa, ICHOM Project Leader.  “Before recommending any of these tools to our Measuring Partners, it was important to make sure that these solution providers offered security and functionality, as well as a sustainable business model and commitment to service and maintenance.”


Representatives of each of ICHOM’s Certified Suppliers participated in a lively panel discussion at the Third Annual ICHOM Conference, held at Harvard Business School on November 14. The panel discussed the importance of collecting patient-reported outcomes and the advantages of using electronic media to do so, among other topics.


At the conference, which attracted 450 health care leaders from 28 countries, ICHOM announced the release of eight new Standard Sets, bringing the total number to 12. ICHOM leadership also announced that more than 45 health care providers worldwide are now implementing one or more of the ICHOM Standard Sets. ICHOM aims to develop 50 Standard Sets by 2017, covering 70 percent of the burden of disease.



This post was updated on January 21, 2015 to reflect changes to ICHOM’s Certified Supplier program.