Improving Value in Cancer Care study in partnership with All.Can: call for applications | ICHOM – International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement

Improving Value in Cancer Care study in partnership with All.Can: call for applications

Improving Value in Cancer Care study in partnership with All.Can: call for applications

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) and All.Can are pleased to announce that the site recruitment for the Improving Value in Cancer Care study is now open.

The rising incidence and economic burden of cancer and the effectiveness of its treatments remain an enduring problem for all healthcare systems. Improvements in global cancer care delivery are hindered by a lack of transparent and standardised data to enable comparisons around costs, outcomes and patient experience.

ICHOM in partnership with All.Can offers a prospective 12 months’ project to encourage and enable a provider community made up of 20 hospitals from around the world to measure value.

In the context of this project, value is defined by the ratio between those outcomes (functional and experience) important to patients and cost of delivering these outcomes.

The study will have the explicit mandate to measure outcomes and costs in a standardised way focusing upon lung and breast cancer in order to enable the community to understand variations in value delivery and develop strategies for improvement.


Study Objectives 

Using breast and lung cancer as a focus, the study will:

1. Measure outcomes consistently and in a standardised form using the ICHOM standard sets for lung and breast cancer

2. Codify an evidence base of value improvement strategies in breast and lung cancer delivery of care

3. Measure costs of outcomes delivery via Time Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC)

4. Measure patient perspectives/experiences regarding service inefficiency and waste

5. Enable participating centres to benchmark their performance with one another

6. Support this community of centres in utilising cost and outcomes data to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their services

7. Use these findings to engage governments and other decision-makers on building on key findings derived from the programme.



  • Hospitals (public or private) with a lung and/or breast cancer clinic
  • Due to the scope of other related All.Can studies we accept applications from European organisations only. However, if you are not a European organisation, please send us your interest so that we can develop a future ICHOM led initiative.
  • Minimum of 100 patients for data collection within a 6 months’ period
  • Commitment to dedicate the necessary resources available according to the study timeline.
  • Strong clinical engagement regarding outcomes measurement
  • Prior experience of outcomes measurement recommended but not mandatory
  • Entry fee of USD 15,000 to be secured by 31st March 2018


February 2018  

  • Information sessions will be held by web-conference on the following dates:
    • 9th February – 11 am GMT
    • 13th February – 4 pm GMT
    • 15th February – 8.30 am GMT
    • 19th February – 11 am GMT
    • 21st February – 3 pm GMT
  • Application forms to completed and returned by 2nd March 2018

March – April 2018 

  • Contracts and payments finalised by end of March

April – September 2018 

  • Implementation of outcomes and cost measurement will be initiated in April 2018
  • Sites ready to benchmark in September 2018

October – February 2019 

  • Data collection
  • Benchmarking phase and learning collaborations

March – April 2019 

  • Cost and outcomes data shared with community
  • Key learnings and anonymysed findings will be shared with governments, policy makers and industry
  • Summation event

How to apply 

  • Register to an information session via the following link. You will receive a calendar invitation with dial-in details
  • Return the application form completed by 2nd March 2018


This project is funded by All.Can, which is made possible with financial support from Bristol-Myers Squibb (lead sponsor), Amgen, MSD and Johnson & Johnson (co-sponsor)

Please contact Lea Marais (Project Leader) at if you require further information.


About All.Can 

All.Can was set up to engage policymakers on the need to improve the efficiency of cancer care, focusing on better outcomes for patients. Our aim is to identify ways we can optimise the use of our resources in cancer care:

  • Lead and commission research to gather evidence on where system inefficiencies exist, and help identify ways to improve efficiency in cancer care
  • Develop concrete tools and platforms for stakeholders to work together to ensure cancer care decisions are focused on what matters most to patients, and resources are used as effectively as possible
  • Help to implement concrete policy actions based on these findings.

All.Can comprises leading representatives from patient organisations, policymakers, healthcare professionals, research and industry. All members contribute their time for free to the initiative, and all publications from the group reflect consensus of the members, who hold full editorial control.

Secretariat for the group is provided by the Health Policy Partnership, an independent consultancy who is paid for this role.

None of the content of All.Can discussions or activities is specific or biased to any specific treatment or therapy.

More information is available on