ICHOM has partnered with Certified Implementation and Technology partners to assist you in implementing our ICHOM Sets of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures.

Introducing Sets of patient-centered outcome measures can be a lot quicker and easier when you work with one of our implementation partners.

In addition, you can join our online community, ICHOM Connect. Here you will find support from other organizations who are implementing ICHOM Sets, and you’ll be able to discuss options, challenges and the solutions of your implementation project.


You are a provider if you see patients or are part of a hospital system where patients are treated. Many providers can use ICHOM Sets as a way to measure their success at treating different conditions

Non-Profits/Non-Governmental Organization:

If you are an organization that focuses on advocacy or treatment of people with health conditions and would like help implementing an ICHOM Set as a measurement tool you should consider working with one of our partners

Industry Members:

If you are a medical tech, pharmaceutical, insurance company or other company involved in healthcare not included in the above categories and you want to measure patient health outcomes then ICHOM Set implementation can help you too

Our Implementation Partners

See our implementation partners below, to be connected with them for support please fill out the contact form below: