Overall Adult Health

The standard set

The ICHOM Standard Set for Overall Adult Health, is the result of hard work by a group of leading physicians, measurement experts, and patient advisors. It represents the outcomes that matter most to adults who have Good health/No disease, Well controlled disease and Poorly controlled disease . We urge all providers around the world to start measuring these outcomes to better understand how to improve the lives of their service users.

  1. Defined by Self-reported Health Status
  2. Defined by Physical Health/Well-being/Physical Functioning
  3. Defined by Functional Health Status/Disability/Autonomy/Dependence/Activities of Daily Living
  4. Defined by Role/(Psycho) Social Functioning
  5. Defined by Interpersonal Functioning
  6. Defined by Work Related Functioning/Limitations
  7. Tracked via the PROMIS Scale v1.2- Global Health
  8. Tracked via the WHO (Five) Wellbeing Index (WHO5)
  9. Tracked via the WHO Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHO-DAS 12)
  10. Outcomes will not have an individual score

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Available materials:

  • Flyer – a brief overview of the most important outcomes for patients relating to this ICHOM Standard Set.
  • Reference Guide – a complete overview of the ICHOM Standard Set, including definitions for each measure and selected PROM instruments, time points for collection, and associated risk factors.
  • Data Dictionary – an index of the outcomes and case-mix variables included in the standard set, how to code them, and the information you need to collect when implementing the outcomes in practice.
  • Press Release
  • Published Articles
  • Additional materials

Team that developed this standard

Project team

Chair | Jose M. Valderas | University of Exeter
Research Fellow | Andrea Albagli | ICHOM
Research Fellow | Jaheeda Gangannagaripalli | University of Exeter
Programme Manager | Stacie Myers | ICHOM
Project Manager | Andria Joseph / Anna Clarke | ICHOM
Research Associate | Sarah Whittaker / Lucy Matkin | ICHOM


Catherine Katz | Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care
Jo Lunn | We Help Ourselves (WHOS)
Mel Tinsley | Agency for Clinical Innovation
Serena Joyner* | Health Consumers NSW


Kaisa Immonen*


Marcelo Pio de Almeida Fleck | Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


Carolyn Canfield*


Michael van de Berg | OECD

Hong Kong

Cindy Lam | University of Hong Kong


Eyal Zimlichman | Sheba Medical Center


Jan Hazelzet | Erasmus University Medical Center


Jordi Alonso | IMIM Hospital del Mar Research Institute; CIBERESP


John Chaplin | Gothenberg University

United Kingdom

Alastair Roeves | Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Bae Abertawe Swansea Bay University Health Board
Fiona McKenzie*

United States

Caleb Stowell | Providence
Carolyn Kerrigan | The Dartmouth Institute
Chris Gibbons | University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Ira Byock | Providence
Irene Katzen | Cleveland Clinic
Rachel Hess | University of Utah
Timothy Switaj | U.S. Army


Juan Dapueto | Universidad de la Republica
*Patient advisor

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