The ICHOM Global Benchmarking Platform

Benchmark patient outcomes
and improve patient care faster

Access the first platform to benchmark outcomes that matter most to patients and facilitates faster learning amongst peers on a global scale

The platform enables providers to view pseudonymised data benchmarked and displayed utilising infographics and interactive dashboards. Access to this global insight gives providers the tools needed to identify areas for development, leading to better patient health and experience.
Developed in collaboration with LOGEX MRDM.

The ICHOM Global Benchmarking Platform will help healthcare providers worldwide to collect, validate and compare their outcomes data efficiently and at scale, using quality assured ICHOM Standard Sets.

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Choose your preferable way of collecting and uploading outcomes and PROMs data.

  • Batch data uploads
  • Manual data entry
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The platform validates, combines and analyses data according to the ICHOM working group’s calculations rules.

  • Data validation
  • Ingestion and storage
  • Analytics
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Receive access to insights to compare with global best practises and perform further research.

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Multiple levels benchmarking
  • Extract data for research or external use

Unlock the potential of value-based healthcare

The secure and user-friendly benchmarking platform will allow healthcare providers to evaluate their performance compared to other providers across the globe using interactive dashboards with relevant drill-down functionalities and based on various international and localised benchmarks. The ICHOM Global Benchmarking Platform will be open via APIs, allowing providers and third parties to work together to collect and register outcomes data and get them validated via the platform. Also, providers will be able to extract their data from the platform enabling them to use it for research or additional analytics.

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Batch data upload

Submit multiple patient records in one transaction via the secured upload facility

Manual data entry

Fallback option to manually upload data, with real-time validations


Allow MRDM to automatically extract data from primary source systems (Available from 2022)



Ensure high data quality to increase the reliability of the results with advanced validations


Combine and analyze data streams based on standardized calculation rules for the standard set

Decentralized hosting

Set-up regional hosting in your geography if your local privacy regulations require that

Local hosting

Set-up local hosting within your health institution. (Available selectively from 2022)



Benchmark outcomes to learn, improve and create impact for patients

Data export

Receive standardized and validated data extracts to perform your additional research

Network benchmarking

Compare outcomes against best practices in your network

Dating module

Authorize and distribute validated datasets to third parties for further research or analytics

API for data distribution

Receive tailored data extracts to perform your additional research


  • Improve the performance of your organization with a focus on value-based healthcare
  • Collect and compare outcomes data efficiently and at scale
  • Access validated outcomes data and quality assured ICHOM Standard Sets
  • Work collaboratively to improve patient outcomes

The future is value-based healthcare

With the Global Benchmarking Platform we are removing the technical and operational barriers around data access. By facilitating benchmarking across your organisation and your peers across the world, we will learn from each other to the ultimate benefit of patients.

We’re one step closer to realizing the adoption of patient-centric outcomes measured as part of routine care


The ICHOM global benchmarking platform will start in 2021 with 2 sets across 4 countries, and will grow by adding more sets in the years to come. We are currently finalizing the exact sets decision, but Breast Cancer, Stroke, Cataract & Prostate Cancer are likely to be among the first sets on the platform.

ICHOM Benchmarking Timeline
ICHOM Benchmarking Countries

Get in touch and find out how you can:

Optimise the care and outcomes for your patients

Play a leading role in improving healthcare worldwide

Access validated patient-centric outcomes for patients

Provide your care teams with the relevant and timely data they need to deliver the highest value-based care

Our supplier

ICHOM has selected LOGEX to deliver the development and day-to-day operations of the Global Benchmarking Platform through its wholly-owned subsidiary MRDM. As a qualified, specialized and dedicated data processor, MRDM focuses on benchmarking health outcomes.


  • ISO27001 certified
  • GDPR compliant
  • Supports FAIR principles

MRDM helps healthcare providers worldwide to collect, validate and compare data efficiently and scale using quality assured ICHOM Standard Sets.

How much will it cost?

The Global Benchmarking platform will be available to as many providers as possible. A cost-plus model for machine-readable standard sets and benchmarking will be used. To find out more please contact us. PDF versions of the ICHOM Standard Sets will continue to be available for free online - to facilitate the implementation of value-based healthcare for all.

Strengthening the academic community

ICHOM Standard Sets were developed by our working groups of volunteering clinical leaders and patients. They define the key metrics to assess outcomes that matter most to patients, which are then published in peer-reviewed medical journals. These leading experts will play a central role in the analysis and interpretation of the global data generated by the new ICHOM platform. To further strengthen this academic community, surplus proceeds from the platform will be used to fund academic clinical research.

Who will access patient data?

The ICHOM benchmarking platform meets the highest available standards for data integrity and safety. Individual patient data is the property of patients and the providers. The control of the individual patient data will always remain with the healthcare providers. Neither ICHOM, LOGEX or MRDM will own any patient-data.