Greg Kotzbauer

Vice President of Development and Engagement

Greg is the Vice President of Development and Engagement. Greg has been working at the forefront of the effort to transition the U.S. healthcare system to value-focused outcomes since 2012 when he joined The Dartmouth Institute. Greg’s role at Dartmouth spanned from leading research programs focused on integrating patient-reported data into the point-of-care and outcome measurement methods to working closely with healthcare delivery leaders to guide their care systems from fee-for-service to value-based contracting. Greg started two healthcare analytics organizations, has designed and led both state and national healthcare improvement collaboratives and has published papers covering topics such as change leadership in healthcare, integrating patient-reported data over the course of the care journey, community health engagement strategies, and value-based measurement methodology. Greg enjoys travel, running trail races and marathons, and has been certified as a chocolatier.